Becoming a Chartered Professional is challenging and it is important to thrive in this competitive industry. With the experience of mentoring hundreds of aspirants, Mr. Ramesh Palikila designed the program in the best way, which enlightened the life of many people, including me. AIMS is the best platform to my knowledge for a Quantity Surveying Professional to improve their standards and fill gaps in their skills. Aspirants who joined AIMS receive many intangible benefits. The best part of it, which I like, is the efforts taken to help candidates transform more than the minimum acceptable standards of a Chartered Professional as expected in the industry. It was a fantastic journey of one year where I was mentored by some of the most experienced people and after becoming a Chartered Professional, I am still enjoying my association with AIMS. I thank Mr. Ramesh for his invaluable service to aspirants and recommend every QS who aims to become a Chartered Professional to join AIMS.

Mr. Venkatesh Palaniswamy – DUBAI


I thank AIMS for a wonderful program, support for the aspirants of through their successful APC journey.
AIMS instils huge confidence in you, provides large resources through special workshops and seminars in a professional environment, reviews of your documents, and continuous group studies to crack the APC. AIMS encourages and supports you to fill your voids and demonstrate the required hard and soft skills for a successful career even during the turbulent times.
The network within AIMS is strategic; you will have the opportunity to meet several committed professionals and to exchange your knowledge, and experiences, providing a valuable CPD, and may be an interesting opportunity.
I am positive that with AIMS you are in good hands for your journey to APC.
My experience with AIMS has been valuable, and I look forward to contributing and developing further.

Mr. Venkata Pavan Kumar Yamarty


Joining AIMS was one of the wisest decisions I have taken in my career. Unlike other training institutes, AIMS provides frequent follow-ups during each steps of the APC programme, from initial enrollment to final interviews for all candidates. The programme is well structured to build confidence and impart motivation to the participants. It is amazing to think that Ramesh found  time to talk personally to each APC aspirant in spite of his busy schedule.                         
The team /study group formed by AIMS is an asset that we can take lifelong with us. The mentors were very helpful, and they shared their APC experiences which helped us to focus in the right direction. Another positive fact is that AIMS always provides a platform to all  its’ members, to share their expertise and this stimulates the mentoring skills in them. I can undoubtedly say that AIMS played the major part in achieving my aim to become a 'Chartered Quantity Surveyor'. My sincere gratitude to ‘Captain’ Ramesh and all other members of AIMS family for their constant support and guidance. I wish AIMS a every continued success in all its future endeavors.

Ms. Neelima – ABU DHABI


I have been associated with AIMS since 2015. AIMS APC Guidance Program and motivational sessions from Mr. Ramesh Palikila are outstanding and helped me a lot in attaining success in my APC journey. AIMS provides effective mentoring for APC aspirants to improve their knowledge and competency levels. I am very happy to share some of the benefits I enjoyed with AIMS - Structured APC program, frequent CPD events, Interactive workshops, Guidance for APC process, Team Working, Improvement of presentation skills, Networking with QS and Management professionals from various organisations. I would sincerely recommend QS professionals and APC aspirants to join AIMS to accomplish your aims. I also express my gratitude to AIMS and Mr. Ramesh for his continued guidance and support for the QS community and candidates.

Mr. Praveen - DUBAI


The AIMS APC guidance program is well structured and organized which had guided me on the way to achieve my dream of RICS membership. Thanks to Mr. Ramesh for his extended supports after the program through the teamwork. I gained knowledge shared from the construction professionals in different sectors during teamwork. AIMS mentoring team provided valuable feedback which helped me to succeed in my APC submissions. Furthermore, the motivation given during the program had derived me in all situations towards the goal of success. I recommend all the APC aspirants to utilize the AIMS platform to achieve your success

Mr. Thangaraj – DUBAI


“I completed MSC in Quantity Surveying from Herriot Watt University (from Dubai Campus) in 2014 and applied for APC interview in 2015. I was not so confident about my success at that time. I met Mr. Ramesh Palikila during this period when he visited Oman for the very first time. That was the turning point of my success in becoming a Chartered Quantity Surveyor. I joined AIMS in 2015 and Mr. Ramesh helped me a lot to improve my presentation skill and he also conducted several mock-up interviews to keep me competent for the APC interview. My sincere thanks to Mr. Ramesh Palikila and the entire AIMS team for their invaluable support”

Mr. Purushothaman Kadengara


My decision to join with AIMS was a stepping stone to achieve my aims in the professional development. I attended all the comprehensive APC guidance sessions conducted by AIMS in 2011 with an aspiration to become MRICS. AIMS has really transformed my potentials from being a Quantity Surveyor level to a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and also provided networking opportunities with like-minded professionals in the industry. I recommend all the youngsters to join with AIMS to accomplish their aims and develop great leadership and real time skills through an excellent guidance programs from the founder of AIMS. Good luck to AIMS global vision.

Ms. Lalitha Jayakumar – DUBAI

BE (civil), MSc (PM), MRICS

I joined in AIMS 2014-15 guidance programs and learned quite a lot and it has absolutely made me richer in knowledge. As of day 1, I found it a privilege, a unique chance to be admitted to follow AIMS sessions. It is simply a lovely gift that still gives me pleasure every day in my profession. The course exceeded my expectations in many regards -- especially in the depth of information and sharing of invaluable industry experiences. The reference material and professional network has been top notch, and I liked the variety of lecturers and different teaching styles which motivates me enormously. The contribution of charges which I’ve paid for these sessions is nothing as compared to the wide knowledge and real time skills that AIMS offer in a professional environment at international venues and absolute care on various event facilities. Without reservation, I recommend AIMS programs  to all who have the desires to rise up to the higher level of their profession, for better life, confidence, and great opportunities

Mr. Humphery - DUBAI

AIMS motivated and supported me to aim my RICS APC preparation in a structured way and these mentoring sessions were incredible. The presentations were delivered with complete knowledge and the slides were excellent. I was extremely happy with the content and mode of the AIMS guidance sessions. I feel l much more competent after attending these workshops. I am sure that it will add further benefits to many aspirants moving forward and highly recommend AIMS for career aspirants to get real time experience and to gain professional skills.”

Mr. Darbar – Kuwait

When I embarked on my journey to become a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with RICS, I took the help of AIMS. I found extremely well-planned and structured sessions which covered theoretical knowledge of all the 18 competencies in great detail. I found these sessions to be very interactive, thus helping me clear all queries regarding the topics. My practical knowledge was further enhanced by the group study sessions which also helped me to develop my communication and presentation skills. The mock interview gave me the final boost before the final interview. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Ramesh for his tireless efforts and guidance to help me to achieve my goal. He has been instrumental in providing many Chartered Surveyors to the construction industry. I wish him all success in his endeavor to achieve a global reach.

Mr. Akash Paunikar