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What Do People Praise about AIMS?

Ms. Reham Ragab - DUBAI
I have known Mr. Ramesh Palikila, the founder of AIMS for over 4 years. He successfully mentored our team during my APC journey in 2011, which is testimony that AIMS is a remarkable mentoring organization with a focus on not only their candidates’ professional success, but also on their career and personal development. AIMS are passionate about success and results. I have considerable respect for AIMS and sincerely believe that they are unique in global professional development of QS/Contracts profession.  I fully subscribe to AIMS missions, and consider it an honor to be part of its success story, being one of the successful candidates of the founding batch of AIMS.
Mr. R. Venkat - DUBAI
Motivation, Morale enhancement and Mentorship are the 3M’s that come to my mind when I think of Ramesh. He was instrumental in motivating me to get through the APC process of RICS. I have taken the Senior Professional Route for the chartered status and he was patient enough to walk along with me in the entire process and it is not an exaggeration to say that he has helped me to know my own potential. I am delighted to know that he has formalized his dream of empowering the professionals to advance their own careers. I wish him good luck and reiterate my support in his passionate journey.
Ms. Sangeetha Babu – DUBAI
I can say that meeting Mr. Ramesh was a major turning point in my professional life. He provided me a platform to learn and share knowledge, develop skills, perform and deliver the success. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of AIMS 2014-2015 APC Guidance Program and it has a major contribution in attaining my MRICS. The lectures and reference material that I received during the program was not only useful for APC process, it will be useful for my entire professional life. Further the professional network that I got through the program has given me a tremendous support and invaluable friendship in the industry. The sharing of information and the life time experience from all fields of construction has helped me to advance my abilities technically. In short AIMS transformed me from an ordinary quantity surveyor to a confident chartered quantity surveyor.
Mr. K. Doraisamy P. Karuppiah
AIMS is an organization that provides great opportunity to be successful as an APC candidate precisely individual mentoring session of Mr. Ramesh, who has an excellent skill  to drive you at the right direction. I always believe AIMS has a best formula to tranquilize you  in each and every aspect of your preparation, guidance, periodical and great team work, thus create a strong cohesiveness among the AIMS team members, not merely for achieving the membership of RICS but much more widen spectra of your knowledge. As a team, we thoroughly enjoyed the entire seminar session with AIMS, whilst every speaker was very professional and had determination in guiding the candidate wholeheartedly. Honestly, I made the right decision to join AIMS and currently I have succeeded as MRICS.

Mr. Ashfak
AIMS APC training program is well designed to meet the highest level of professional standard in the construction industry. The provided study materials are up to date and the commitment and motivation shown by Mr. Ramesh Palikila proved to be an invaluable contribution towards my success in the APC interview. AIMS created the final assessment experience through their mock interviews and their guidance and commitment allowed me to go in to the final interview with confidence. It is indeed a program which has greatly helped many professionals to achieve their goal of receiving their MRICS.

Ms. Smitha
"Without a second thought I can vouch for the potent guidance and relentless support given by Mr. Ramesh for achieving MRICS. I am grateful to AIMS for providing such a platform for knowledge sharing and professional advancement. It is my proud privilege to be part of the AIMS family."

Mr. Venkata Pavan Kumar Yamarty
I thank AIMS for a wonderful program, support for the aspirants of through their successful APC journey.
AIMS instils huge confidence in you, provides large resources through special workshops and seminars in a professional environment, reviews of your documents, and continuous group studies to crack the APC. AIMS encourages and supports you to fill your voids and demonstrate the required hard and soft skills for a successful career even during the turbulent times.
The network within AIMS is strategic; you will have the opportunity to meet several committed professionals and to exchange your knowledge, and experiences, providing a valuable CPD, and may be an interesting opportunity.
I am positive that with AIMS you are in good hands for your journey to APC.
My experience with AIMS has been valuable, and I look forward to contributing and developing further.

Ms. Sajina - DUBAI
I met Mr. Ramesh, a couple of years ago, and I feel it was a kraurotic moment in my professional life. I thought my journey from a QS to chartered QS would be a mystery. I had dreamt for it initially and thought it requires hard core steps, structured training, long hours of university classes & more of class room attendance, which I felt wouldn’t be practical in my case. Me being a family person, who would like to balance all the quality elements in life, was searching for a route that could utilize my experience and skills and proper guidance from a reliable source.
By then, I was delighted to learn that Mr. Ramesh had begun providing extensive guidance programs for APC aspirants. I didn’t have a second thought and grabbed the opportunity to join AIMS. The prime factor being the belief in the great mentor Mr. Ramesh - his passion of teaching, and his strong vision to build highly competent construction industry professionals.
I have taken the Professional Experience Route and strictly followed the instructions which made it easier for me get through the assessments.
AIMS has provided me a great platform to enhance my knowledge and professional skills and to be a part of highly professional network. AIMS workshops & team work has really boosted my confidence. The aspirants are really encouraged to take initiatives and hone leadership skills. During my journey with AIMS, I have realized a steady progression in my interpersonal skills as well.
Appropriate guidance, reference materials, mock interviews and above all consistent motivation really helped me to get through the assessments and finally to become a successful chartered Quantity Surveyor. Thank you Mr. Ramesh & AIMS for making this happen.

Mr. Praveen - DUBAI
I have been associated with AIMS since 2015. AIMS APC Guidance Program and motivational sessions from Mr. Ramesh Palikila are outstanding and helped me a lot in attaining success in my APC journey. AIMS provides effective mentoring for APC aspirants to improve their knowledge and competency levels. I am very happy to share some of the benefits I enjoyed with AIMS - Structured APC program, frequent CPD events, Interactive workshops, Guidance for APC process, Team Working, Improvement of presentation skills, Networking with QS and Management professionals from various organisations. I would sincerely recommend QS professionals and APC aspirants to join AIMS to accomplish your aims. I also express my gratitude to AIMS and Mr. Ramesh for his continued guidance and support for the QS community and candidates.

Mr. Thangaraj – DUBAI
The AIMS APC guidance program is well structured and organized which had guided me on the way to achieve my dream of RICS membership. Thanks to Mr. Ramesh for his extended supports after the program through the teamwork. I gained knowledge shared from the construction professionals in different sectors during teamwork. AIMS mentoring team provided valuable feedback which helped me to succeed in my APC submissions. Furthermore, the motivation given during the program had derived me in all situations towards the goal of success. I recommend all the APC aspirants to utilize the AIMS platform to achieve your success

Ms. Lalitha Jayakumar – DUBAI
BE (civil), MSc (PM), MRICS
My decision to join with AIMS was a stepping stone to achieve my aims in the professional development. I attended all the comprehensive APC guidance sessions conducted by AIMS in 2011 with an aspiration to become MRICS. AIMS has really transformed my potentials from being a Quantity Surveyor level to a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and also provided networking opportunities with like-minded professionals in the industry. I recommend all the youngsters to join with AIMS to accomplish their aims and develop great leadership and real time skills through an excellent guidance programs from the founder of AIMS. Good luck to AIMS global vision.

Mr. Akash Paunikar
When I embarked on my journey to become a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with RICS, I took the help of AIMS. I found extremely well-planned and structured sessions which covered theoretical knowledge of all the 18 competencies in great detail. I found these sessions to be very interactive, thus helping me clear all queries regarding the topics. My practical knowledge was further enhanced by the group study sessions which also helped me to develop my communication and presentation skills. The mock interview gave me the final boost before the final interview. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Ramesh for his tireless efforts and guidance to help me to achieve my goal. He has been instrumental in providing many Chartered Surveyors to the construction industry. I wish him all success in his endeavor to achieve a global reach.

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