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AIMS Corporate Training Program (CTP)

AIMS Corporate Training Program (CTP) is an exciting suite of customised trainings, tailored to the construction industry such as Contractors, Consultants and Client Organisations to enhance their core knowledge and employability skills.

AIMS has had a successful journey of providing customised CTPs in many countries including the UAE, Doha, Bahrain, Oman, KSA, India and Philippines. With AIMS' CTPs, you can empower your employees with the global international skills, helping them to succeed and giving your organization the boost it needs.

Core Objectives and Benefits of the Program

1. Training Needs Identification (TNI)and Analysis (TNA)

AIMS CTP gives organizations the power to stay ahead of the curve by recognizing and fulfilling their employee’s training needs. AIMS CTP begins by precisely identifying, analysing, and determining the core knowledge and skills necessary for professionals to succeed in their roles as well as to meet organizational requirements.

After TNI, AIMS further provides customised training resources, including materials for learning as well as practical experiences, to ensure that all levels of staff have the tools to succeed in reaching organizational requirements. By analysing TNI and TNA together, AIMS CTP guarantees success in meeting the needs of your businesses and individuals alike – thereby bridging the gap between corporate goals and employee’s performance development.

2. Developing Customised Program

By placing emphasis on customised development programs, AIMS guarantees targeted and tailored result-driven growth for companies. A well-curated AIMS CTP process ensures a systematic assessment of the organization's unique requirements for a detailed training plan that stands out from others regular corporate training programs.

AIMS provides excellent training services with assurance of empowering the professionals to deliver their services competently, leading to tangible improvements on efficiency and effectiveness of the business.

AIMS CTP is on a mission to make the process of skills development easier and more convenient. Our unique approach works with your employees to identify their skill gaps and brainstorm activities and training methods that will enhance the competencies and skills necessary for smooth business operations.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solution, but rather create individualized training plans suited for every company’s needs. With AIMS CTP, businesses will be equipped with skilled professionals for uninterrupted and successful operations.

3. Enhancing Core Knowledge and Skills

AIMS CTP is designed to equip construction professionals in your company with the essential skills and knowledge required for a successful career in Construction. A diverse range of activities and training methods are brought together to ensure that employees can develop their competitiveness, explore their individual strengths, and gain valuable insight on how their skills can be applied within the company’s operations. AIMS CTP is an effective tool to level up competencies, capabilities, remain current with the field's trends, optimize resources, and produce outstanding results while fully leveraging available potential.

4. Performance Development

AIMs Corporate Training Program (CTP) is designed to equip engineers, quantity surveyors, contractors and project management professionals with the cutting-edge tools and techniques needed for successful delivery of projects.

AIMS Corporate Training Program (CTP) makes this journey to success more achievable by equipping professionals with the necessary knowledge, tools, and expertise to drive projects to completion.

AIMS CTP is a comprehensive program built upon training courses developed exclusively for experienced industry professionals, CTP has been designed to improve their performance so that they can hit all project milestones efficiently. AIMS CTP enables these professionals to boost their performance levels exponentially and hold self-responsibility towards successful completion of any project.

Major Focus Topics

Our corporate training program covers essential topics that are crucial for the success of your Construction business.

  • Contract Administration and Management
  • Claims Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quantification and Costing
  • Procurement and Tendering Management
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Effective Writing and Speaking Skills for professionals
  • Business Communication Skill (Soft skills, Employability skills and People Skills)


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If you want to achieve your business goals with AIMS Corporate Training Program (CTP), please speak to our CTP team and provide us about your individual and organizational training needs. A customized program will be tailored for your company, based on the understanding of the knowledge gaps within your workforce. A call with our team can help identify the requirements and arrange necessary CTP trainings.

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