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How to become MRICS/MAIQS through AIMS unique Competency Driven APC Guidance Program?

AIMS Competency Driven Guidance program for Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) is one of the unique mentoring services. AIMS is specialized to provide high-quality mentoring with live Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions(seminars/webinars). CPD sessions are tailored with proper need analysis to support individual aspirants from the construction industry in their professional development to become MRICS/MAIQS.

AIMS has been successfully conducting competency-driven APC guidance programs since 2015 in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Egypt, and India. We have trained over 3000 professionals at AIMS in the last seven years and achieved great success globally.

APC - Assessment of Professional Competence is the last step for a qualified person to become a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS). RICS provides 22 sector pathways to become the MRICS.

We guide pathways of Quantity Surveying & Construction and Project Management. In APC, various professional aspects of competencies are assessed. We at AIMS are experienced to guide through the complete process and achieve success.

Pursuit of the MRICS qualification opens a world of possibilities. It is an extremely rewarding acknowledgment of professional experience and skills. It also provides networking opportunities for the further development of a career in the Construction Industry with higher salaries. Make that invaluable investment in yourself today!

How to become a Chartered Surveyor?

Take the first steps towards becoming an RICS-accredited professional with our APC Program! Join us for an exciting free introductory session, hosted by Mr. Ramesh Palikila - B.Tech, FIS, FAIQS, FRICS and learn more about different options to gain membership into this esteemed organization.

Our team will then offer advice on the best route based on your qualifications and experience. We also assist you to find an experienced Counsellor from our community of Successful MRICS professionals who are also AIMS alumni.

Once you have chosen your route and Counsellor, we guide you every step of the way until you achieve success through AIMS Competency Driven Guidance Program for Assessment of Professional Competence (APC).

Benefits and Features of the AIMS Competency Driven Guidance Program for Assessment of Professional Competence (APC)

Guidance on Enrolment Process (3 Hours):
With our experienced team of consultants, we make it easy to navigate the RICS and AIQS enrolment process. We will help you to identify what path is best suited for your experience and qualifications while providing invaluable advice on choosing a knowledgeable Counsellor from within the industry.
27 Competencies Training (60 Hours) + Study Materials
In addition to providing high-quality reference and study materials, which are carefully compiled for your success, we also have 60 hours of LIVE training to help increase your knowledge and skills in 27 Competencies.
Effective Writing Skills Program (WSP) – 15 Hours
With our expert guidance, you can be sure to ace your submissions. To ensure the highest quality of writing, we provide 15 hours of comprehensive training led by an experienced English Language Instructor.
APC Submissions Guidance and Review – 4 Hours
We provide support sessions to review your submissions and give feedback based on your experience of mentoring 300+ successful MRICS professionals.
Interview Preparation + Presentation Skills (15 Hours)
Guiding you to attain confidence for the formal assessment process of RICS or AIQS. Our comprehensive 15-hour training on Interview Preparation and Presentation Skills is needed to excel in your APC interview. These trainings are designed specifically to equip you with the organizational, technical, and interpersonal skills needed allowing you to ace your Formal Assessment with RICS and AIQS. Implementation of these skills in your everyday professional life makes you stand unique compared to your peers.
Mock Interviews + Special tips for Interviews (3 Hours)
We conduct a mock interview that provides special tips to get success in APC interviews. After training and helping 300+ construction professionals to become MRICS, we know the right tips that will enable you to attend and ace your formal assessment interview with confidence.

Competencies Covered in the Program

Why should you join AIMS?

Skills Gap Analysis
AIMS provides a self-assessment of Skill Gap Analysis under the guidance of expert mentors which will enable one to know the endless possibilities for improvement.
Profound Study Material
AIMS provides complete study materials and reference books for all competencies, which is an added advantage for your professional development.
Networking with Global Professionals
AIMS helps you connect to the international network of built environment professionals. Building a network with peers is as important as you build your skillset. These valuable relationships help you advance your career.
Balanced Approach to Enhance Soft Skills & Hard Skills
AIMS assists you to enhance your skills and improve your efficiency through soft skills like leadership, emotional intelligence, and communication. Practical aspects of Quantity Surveying and Project Management Competencies.
Successful Community
With over 7 years of experience mentoring and achieving success for more than 300+ MRICS professionals, AIMS has a wide network of professionals who are engaged with the AIMS family and are ready to help each other for professional and career growth.
Global Reach
AIMS alumni are now spread across countries and continents pursuing their careers successfully and willing to function as Counsellors and Mentors for the AIMS student community. Many of our students found success in becoming successful MRICS professionals and have had the opportunity to find better job opportunities through the AIMS network.
Soft Skills Development
Effective Writing Skills: Our program provides knowledge on the Quantity Surveying and Construction and Project Management pathway competencies and also focuses on the holistic career development and grooming of professionals. We focus on honing their Writing Skills to ensure they can create submissions with exceptional quality allowing them to be successful senior professionals in any work environment!
Professionalism and Confidence: Our program equips Construction industry pros with the tools for success giving them an edge in professionalism and confidence.
Presentation Skills: Do not just submit your APC submissions, master them! Our expert team is here to guide you as you assemble all the pieces, and perfect your Presentation Skills with interactive mock interviews and helpful peer feedback. Unlock your potential today!

JOIN AIMS to Accomplish your AIMS

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