A khil International Management Solutions (AIMS) was established in the United Arab Emirates to offer guidance to career aspirants for their global professional development in Quantity Surveying and Construction industry. AIMS provides a life-long learning and development program for Construction professionals in line with the best current practices of the industry. AIMS concentrates on imparting the most adequate mentoring for the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) of several Chartered Institutions and has a modern approach throughout the learning process.

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events are tailored to contribute to professional development as required by Chartered Institutions and are delivered by experienced industry professionals. We are committed to provide very high quality mentoring and we have a strong team of dedicated, highly qualified, experienced professionals and Chartered Quantity Surveyors.

AIMS supports individual aspirants from the construction industry with a proper need analysis for their professional development and provide further structured guidance in step by step processes. AIMS provides inspiration and motivation to the professional aspirants with a true spirt of teamwork for their success.

AIMS also provides economic solutions at corporate level with appropriate Skill development programs for Construction Industry related organizations. We help organizations to improve the performance of Quantity Surveying and Contracts Professionals through proper need analysis of existing organizational issues and development plans. We provide solutions to create values to maximize growth and improve business performance.

Our customized unique competency driven guidance program provides solutions that include imparting of business skills, build the confidence, and provide objective advice and expertise to help organizations to develop specialist skills for their employees. AIMS provide cutting edge career development guidance, specializing in management, leadership, negotiation, presentation, communication, personal effectiveness. Our programs are tailored for easy understanding and learning in a structured way.